Marine Science Field Trip

On Friday April 8, Amy Norris and 16 of her Marine Science students attended a field trip to Mystic Aquarium. The day consisted of observing the tanks and animals both outside and inside of the aquarium, and viewing a seal show. For the indoor exhibits, students were even allowed to touch some of the marine life that they were learning about and also complete questions from a scavenger hunt. The day ended with a visit to the gift shop, which was followed by a stop in Mystic Village for lunch and shopping before returning back to campus. 

Adriana Davis ’23 said, “I think the best part of the field trip had to have been when we were able to go inside to view and touch a wide variation of marine life. It was interesting to learn all the characteristics of these organisms, then go and experience them in real life. It made learning about everything all the more interesting and fun somehow. I also liked the seal show in which they successfully were able to tell us more about what we could do to help not just seals but other marine organisms which suffer from plastic pollution or other manmade downsides. I’d say a key takeaway was to be more aware of my surroundings and how simple things I do, either mistakenly or not, can impact others outside of the human race...(though it should be noted that I had already came to this realization during the entirety of fall term—it was the seal show that really set in stone this idea of being better).”